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PainfreeU is and health clinic.
We practice lymphatic treatment, hold courses, workshops, teach how you can become pain free.
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Think of lymph treatment as your body's reset button, clearing the clutter and rejuvenating every cell.
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NOK 750
Share what's bothering you with Rune, and he'll share his top tips and techniques with you (just a heads-up, it's not medical advice, though).
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15 minutes
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Lymphatic Treatment
NOK 890
Lymphatic treatment helps your body clean itself in a natural way. It boosts the movement of fluids in your muscles, tendons, and lymph nodes, making sure your body can move nutrients and get rid of waste as efficiently as possible.
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about 30 minutes
Women preparing the clay in a ceramic studio
Lymphatic Treatment for the Young
NOK 690
Hey, if you're under 16, we've got something special for you! Lymphatic treatment is all about helping your body clean itself naturally. It makes the fluids in your muscles, tendons, and lymph nodes move better. This means your body can carry nutrients and get rid of waste in the best way possible.
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about 15 minutes
Man working in a cermaics studio
Workshops & Lectures
NOK after appointment
Join our workshops or lectures to figure out why certain things just don’t feel right in your body. You’ll learn cool self-help tricks to tackle common issues that a lot of us face – think problems with tendons, headaches, sinus troubles, back pain, and even issues with your knees and feet. Plus, if you're part of a company or organization, you can book special sessions just for your group
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Do you often     feel tired, bloated, in pain or low on energy - a lymph treatment might be     right for you. The treatment is the key to unlock the secret to be pain free, more energetic and better health. It could be your missing piece for your wellness puzzle and guide you towards a path of a body in balance with better digestion, stronger immune system and radiant energy. Imagine feeling better than you have in years - just show up or learn the     techniques of self treatment.
Expect to step into a world that is pain free with a body that is in balance with lymph treatment. With targeted treatment based on your body's needs it will kickstart your body’s natural flow and self healing. You’ll leave feeling lighter, as if weight has been lifted off your shoulders. And even better - with new understanding of how your body works and what it needs going forward to better health. A new doorway of feeling rejuvenated and full of energy.
Booking a lymph treatment consultation with Rune Åbø means you're in for an extraordinary experience. Rune has revolutionized the world of lymph treatment, transforming it from a niche concept into a wellness essential. His unique approach, rooted in your own waste management system, the lymphatic system. simplifies complex health ideas, making them accessible to all. Under his guidance, you'll explore innovative techniques that rejuvenate your body, and on your way out you get health tips and even can learn the techniques he uses yourself.. Prepare to be inspired and feel your best under Rune's expert care.
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Voices of Inspiration: Testimonials

Received treatment and tips for self-help in relation to foot and back pain. Went for a year with pain under the foot and tried both physiotherapy and pressure wave treatment without recovery. A treatment at Rune and the purchase of golf balls has made me painless so I definitely recommend Maxliving.
Bjarne Elvheim
Rune possesses broad competence, both professionally and social. He is an accommodating, listening, flexible and extremely professional therapist who explains what he does, why he does it and how the body is connected. I have been to Rune several times and the results have been very good. He solves tensions and problem areas, comes up with training advice and solutions. I highly recommend Rune, here you will be well taken care of, in every way!
Camilla Waage Helmersberg
After walking with a bad arm and shoulder for several years, and trying most, Rune managed to get the problem resolved with a few treatments. Recommended!!
Sølvi Jordal
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Healthy Moments: Partner with Us
Elevate your special occasions, corporate events, and group gatherings with PainFreeU private workshops. Our expert will bring the art of lymph treatment to your chosen venue, creating a memorable and interactive experience that fosters relaxation & pain free life among participants.
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