Lymph Treatment
What is lymph treatment?
Lymph treatment is a method where we open up all narrow fluid passages in the body, including muscles and the lymphatic system (full-body treatment).
This helps improve the circulation of waste products through blood, lymph, and tissue fluid by stimulating the muscles and lymph nodes.
By manipulating muscles, tendons, and lymph nodes in a specific sequence, opening the narrowest passages first, we receive good feedback from customers, often with significant changes after just one treatment.
We have identified over 175 lymph nodes and combinations of manipulation of these.Our bodies have between 500 and 1000 lymph nodes.There is still much we have not mapped out, and we are open to conducting thoroughly documented research on lymph treatment in the future.
If you want to read more about the history and gain a deeper
understanding of the theories, we are available for that.
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Unlocking the body's natural healing power, one lymph node at a time.
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Lymphatic treatment, born from the pioneering Brakstad method, has been evolving and benefiting people for over 20 years. In its early years, over 100,000 individuals experienced its unique approach to wellness. It's only in the last five years, however, that this method has been systematized and refined, making it not only more effective but also gentler and more humane.


Lymphatic treatment revolves around the crucial balance of tissue and lymph fluids in our body. When this balance is disrupted, cells struggle to get the nutrients they need, and the removal of waste products diminishes, leading to tightened muscles and further reduction in nutrient and waste exchange. Essentially, our body is a self-cleansing system, but when pain or discomfort arises, lymphatic treatment steps in to restore this natural equilibrium, helping our body help itself.


We have discovered a new faster way to help the body drain waist and detox the body. With lymphatic treatment we are doing a full body treatment and opening the smallest pathway for lymph and tissue fluid. Then the muscles can get full pumping effect and drains the tissue and lymph better.


Lymphatic treatment covers most of the normal pains people may have. Because of the effect of waist management the body can drain the garbage faster, and recover and heal faster.  After decades of treating clients we are convinced that pains could just be unregulated fluid build up. And that bad waste management and gives fluid pressure to the nerves.

What can be treated?

Lymph treatment is a versatile therapy, effective in addressing a wide range of issues. It's particularly beneficial for reducing swelling, relieving chronic pain, and improving conditions related to poor lymphatic circulation. Whether you're dealing with sports injuries, post-surgical recovery, or just seeking overall wellness, lymph treatment can be a game-changer in your health journey.

Future research

The field of lymph treatment is witnessing exciting scientific advancements. Recent research has focused on enhancing the precision and effectiveness of lymph node manipulation, using state-of-the-art technology to track and improve fluid flow in the body. These innovations are not only making treatments more targeted and efficient, but they're also opening new doors for understanding and treating a range of lymphatic system-related health issues.

With the Lymph Treatment You Gain:
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Mobile, agile and flexible body that moves with joy
Improved mental health, calm and peace of mind
Alleviate your acute and chronic pain, finally free!